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Thailand-back in paradise.

leaving India behind. Returning to paradise.

sunny 32 °C

So finally, we managed to escape from India. We both lost 3 kilo. Our physical and mental limits were pushed. We were annoyed, hungry and lost too much weight. But..we were back in Paradise. And we celebrated!

We checked in in the CLEAN Thara house. 12 euro. Warm water, clean, airco, internet in the room. 12 euro in a second world country. A country that is not super developed, but far from underdeveloped. I was surprised to see how developed this part of Thailand is. No more India, sickness, overpriced dirty hotels and sagas for food.
Actually, on the airport in Mumbai, I had one of the few decent meals. I guess it was my 5th proper meal in a week. Delicious. We talked to a local doctor who said: Have you lost weight? (Yes, it's obvious). And he also told us that locals are VERY careful with where they eat.

We had a food frenzy. Eat eat eat. Finally Bonito was happy. And I think Bonita was also happy. We decided to go to Kanchanaburi, somewhere north of Bangkok. Kanchaburi is famous for the river Kwai bridge. Or actually the fights that had been there (see also earlier in the blog). There was beautifull nature and a waterfall around.
So we went. I forgot which day. A 6 hour busride brought us to the place and we checked in in a place were other people of the bus already pre-booked a room. We were delighted with this place. A beautifull place with a very nice garden. Obviously, very newly build. The girl of the other couple came back to her boyfriend and told him, it was ok. We were a bit surprised.
Good food and drinks were waiting for us.
During our time in Kanchaburi we had a very nice kayak trip. Trough the beautifull surrounding nature. During the kayaking, we saw birds, flying over the water, eyeing the fishes. And then..falling like a torpedo in the water. Coming out with the fish. A very interesting sight.
Another day we decided to take a trip to the famous waterfall. This waterfall consists of 7 levels. It turned out to be magnificent. Every level brought something new. The art of nature. Truly amazing. Sometimes one big stream of water, sometime 3. Sometimes a big curtain of water. Sometimes long, and falling in different layers, sometimes very small. All were a treasure for the eye. And in one..i went in. And..enjoyed being cleaned by the cleaner fishes :) Fish massage. Bonita also went in. and it was very funny to see that she jumped like a cat, with so much balance, two feet at the same time, on a rock. She stayed there, afraid of the fishes. Fishes as small as your finger. Bonita was waiting on the rock. I went in and let my legs and arms be cleaned by the cleaner fishes.

On our way back, we got the bonus. Monkeys were around. A very interesting sight. They really behave like people. During our walk, we met a lot of Russians. Russians are exploring the world. But a lot of them like Thailand.

After Kanchaburi, we went to Koh Chang, translated as Elephant Island. We had one night in Bangkok, before we went for the 6 hour bus and boatride to Koh Chang. Koh Chang was another pearl of an island. We went to White sand beach. A beach where the sand is..white indeed. How did you guess?

Here we found a beautiful place on a cliff. Very well priced, 500 bath a day. In the morning, when we woke up and opened the door, we had a stunning view over the sea from our cliff. And..our friendly lizard friends were everywhere.
On Koh Chang we stayed for 11 days. Very long. But we were happy to have found a relaxing place. After about one week we did get a bit bored and moved to another beach. To quickly find out that it was better to get back to White sand beach again.

During our stay my Bonita learned how to drive a motorbike. And she really enjoyed. Together we went for a tour on the island. With one route having very steep hills and extreme turns. A beautiful scenery. Monkeys were also natives on the island :)
Christmas eve we celebrated on the beach. There was decent (not the best) food, a great atmosphere and a band. It was very funny to see that the place gave wizzard hats to everyone. So it made some funny pictures. An evening that was absolutely great.
Also, we went for as snorkeling trip and yes, there were a lot of fish. I was happy to be in the water spotting them again. On the way back, we fed the monkeys that were on an island. Some of them swam into the sea to take their lunch.
And..not to forget; we took a cooking class. This was one of the best days we had together. It was so much fun to cook some very nice meals together surrounded by stunning nature and on walking distance from the beach.

After those 11 wonderfull days, it was time to get back to Bangkok. A long ride back again. Actually, this ride seemed to be longer than the way to get to Koh Chang. We celebrated the 31st of december; old years eve and also my birthday, in Bangkok. In the evening, we wanted to do something special. We went to Calypso. A two hours show. Not a normal show, but a ladyboy show. If you ever spend some time in Bangkok, go here. This show is great. Quality, great costumes and a lot of laughter. We made some great pictures and movies. Imagine, the Wonder Girls ( a girls band from South Korea, I found out later) with 'nobody but you'. See that song and the choreography. Now, imagine 5 ladyboys with extremely good choreography dancing on this song. Halfway, trough the back door, some ladyboys, dressed as schoolboys come trough the theatre, running to stage, throwing away their school suitcases and running like children on the stage, scaring of the lady-ladyboys and then, taking their places. Wow, a 5 star laughter. Also, there was an amazing, kind of 'scarface' part.
Some guy-ladyboys, dressed in suits, James Bond style, were on stage. One lady-ladyboy was very femininely dressed and behaved very sexy. The 'cool guys' didn't show any response. They looked like kind of bodyguards. They gave her her new dress, her shoes etc. All this was done with great music and very good acting. Then, it became a bit darker. A male-ladyboy came on stage. The 'cool dude'. Light on and off. Kind of a tango dance. They approached and got away from each other. All people on stage were walking, or dancing with extreme precision. Still the James Bond-Casino Royale- Scarface style. Then suddenly the lady-ladyboy got a gun and points it at the guy. The whole scene changes. Very quickly. It seemed like her 'husband' cheated on her. Paf. Light off. Lights on again. The lady-ladyboy dressed like Maria. The cheating 'cool guy' next to her, as if going to the altar to get married. So they walk trought the audience to the backdoor. Light out..

Difficult to describe all. But it was like seeing a movie. Extreme precision. During the 2 hours, every 10 minutes there were new scatches and new groups. Dance, comedy, theatre, a lot of different styles came by.

Just before 0.00 we walked along the river, looking for a place to see the fireworks. But unfortunately, the park was closed. No good views. We went to our hotel and could see the fireworks from the rooftop, all over the city, and a view over the Royal Palace.

The first of january, my bonita left. We went to the airport, and it was very difficult to say goodbye. After spending one month together, it pained me a lot. The next day I did nothing. Just stayed in bed and reflected on the last amazing month.

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