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finishing the trip of a lifetime.

all seasons in one day 25 °C

While publishing this, I am already back in Holland. With my 3 sweet red cats. I have visited my girlfriend in Geneva and I am waiting for her to arrive tonight. In one month I will be living in Geneva. Emigrating. A new life starts. A new, beautifull adventure.

For now, I have to give my appologies for not having kept my diary up to date. It has been updated until Thailand.

After Thailand, I left to Nepal, where unfortunately, I got another food poisining. Can happen. The people were amazing and despite the sickness, I really appreciate Nepal. The nature is incredible and despite being a very poor country, people are happy.
Because of my sickness; diahrrhea for 10 days, I decided to fly home 2 weeks before the original plan. My body was empty. My mind was full of wonderfull moments. I truly enjoyed this amazing trip. And when I arrived home, I had a feeling of coming home. Holland. My parents waited for me at Schiphol Amsterdam airport. 4.30 AM. Yes, AM. It was very sweet from them to pick me up. With a balloon 'welcome back'.
3 days later, I went to Geneva, where my girlfriend lives. Soon, I will be emigrating to Geneva. When walking in Geneva, I felt happy, at home. Full of peace.
The trip was wonderfull. I had great experiences and met wonderfull people. Memories that will stay forever.

Now, I am getting ready to move to another country. A new adventure. Building a new life with my girlfriend. Looking for a job in the online marketing. Readers: if you have connections for an online marketing job in/ around Geneva, please let me know: ramonlabrie at hotmail dot com.

The end of an amazing trip. The trip of a lifetime. THe start of a beautifull new life. Together with my girl. In a new, beautifull country. I am a traveller yes, and I always said that I am a world civilian, not just a Dutch person. At the end of the trip I realised more and more how Dutch I am and how much I appreciate simple things (potatoes, vegetables and meat), an honest response (yes, we leave in 10 minutes/ we are delayed for 30 minutes)..and cleanliness. Beautifull Amsterdam or Utrecht.
I love traveling and exploring countries. Due to this, I got also a reflection on myself and my roots. I learned, met great people and had bad moments too. All of this will be remembered.
Anyone thinking of doing a world trip, or even a short trip. Be it backpacking, flashpacking, or a bit more upscale. If you really have this dream: do it. There are loads of reasons not to do it (rent, no money, have to give up job, children, difficult, etc). Yes, all is legimate and it's everyone's own choice what to do.
The only thing I'd like to say is: Follow your dream. If you really feel that you want to do something (whether travel, study, emigrating or something else)..do it. You'll find a way. If it takes a lot of effort (giving up job, saving money, investing time and energy), make a plan. Start small. Build it. You will be rewarded.

Here some last scratches of my trip. Not all is included. But it does give an idea of all that happend. See the irony in some of the stories. While writing i try to make things look a bit more dramatic. It just reads more confortable and it's fun to write like that.
I had great moments, I had bad moments. All together they build this great trip. All of them bring perspective to all that happend.

Have fun!
All the best.

My last writings..a collection of different places.

Koh Tao to Birma- Darwin was right; only the few survive.

Hola bonita, just some nice words before i go to Birma. The monster ride. In the meantime i will be starting to write the blog again :).
You just enjoy our perfect soft and warm bed, while i sleep in hopefully a bed bug free boat, clodging left to right, up and down. In a dark place with hundreds of other people. Coughing, farting, and playing loud music. Seasick, ill, sharks all around.. Maybe the fishes will have a delicious cashewnuts with rice and vegetable shake. Delicately thrown up from the back of the boat.. after get ready for a bumpy bus ride for 2,5 hours. Trough the ancient tropical jungle. Braving the elements, spiders, snakes, and mosquitos. And what else? God knows..
Arriving just after sunrise. In a strange and hostile? territory, Birma. A country where democracy is just an illusion, but on paper, it is...

But all is worth it. The reward? A little stamp in the passport, for 10 US dollar. Yes, i will have a stamp, from golden ink, as a proof for this odyssee.
Ramon Loco Gonzalez, hereby proved to have braved all the hostile elements, in order to get our rewardfull stamp. BIRMA, it will say, with big, firm, and proud letters. Only the bravest of all will receive it. Many will not make it. Either fleeing Thailand by bus to Malaysia, Cambodia, or taking the simple escape by plane.
But not the 'lucky' few. The BIRMA-journey..a journey of extremes.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Sleep well, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Kisses my love. Bonito will think of you. and if i don't come back (joke), just know that i love you and Gato is with me.

Nepal Elephant ride.

Elephant trekking trough Chitwen National Park.
My last week in Nepal. Because i am sick for already 8 days, diahrhea all the time, i decided to rebook my flight.
Chitwen is now my last stop before going to Kathmandu and flying home.

Elephant trekking..
An experience so intense that i will never forget it. To my surprise, my body was able to sit on the elephant for 1,5 hours, without any problem. Probably it is mental. This experience is one of the best ever.
The elephant ride itself was normal. But the place we were was magical. Chitwen national park.
First, some deer. Wow! Beautifull surrounded by stunning nature. Early morning, sun rays gently touching the forest. Some more deer. There, a kingfisher. The blue bird with magnificant shiny fethers and a long red beek. The elephant walks on. Me and a few others on top. Overlooking the jungle. Monkeys, yes, monkeys! Running as acrobats trough the forest. Sometimes throwing a nut or stick around. Magical. The sun is getting warmer. The sunrays still beautifully enlighten and encharm the forest. Gently going from left to right, Elephant walks on. More deer. Another kingfisher flies by.
THen, a peacock let himself be heard. WHahahahaha hahahaa. Silence again. Left, right, gently thought. Left, right. Strong steps from the mighty elephant. The biggest land-living animal of our planet.
Then..the ranger hears from other rangers..they found it. What? Yes, the cherry on the cake. THe animal that we are so eager for to see.
A little quicker. A little less gently. Left, right, left, right. Shake, shake. Surprisingly my body can still deal with it.
Then..trumpet..PEEEEEPPPPP PPEEEEEEPP!!! THe elephant becomes excited. WOw, what's happening? Is he going wild, go and run? All on top (except for the ranger), get a bit scared. On top of a 3 metres high elehant that is shaking left to right, showing off to..what?
THere...RHINO. yes, a rhino. Wow, it's gigantic. He walks on. Slowly. just a little bit impressed by the elephant. Elephant..rhino. Elehant..4 times bigger than rhino..

WOw, magical moment. A real rhino in the wild. Yes, wild, because this is a national park. Pictures are being taken. Magical memories are remembered.
After some minutes we leave the rhino alone. A bit of privacy and not to disturb it.

Our brave elephant walks on. And there, 3 other elephants..with tourist on top, yes. And..what we see? Another rhino! Wow! And there.. close to the tree line, a baby rhino! YES! 8 months old baby rhino. Probably 200 kilo or more. Not being disturbed by the, now, 4 elephants surrounding her.
Surprisingly, mother rhino doesn't mind, even though the baby is sitting also in the grass, close to the elephants.
WHat a magical moment. We hang around here for 20 minutes? No idea. I didn't have time and i just enjoyed this wonderfull moment. A lot of pictures. Beautifull pictures, and some movies. Rhino, wow!
And there we go..off to the start of our trek. Goodbye elephant. Thank you! What an intense last stop before going back to home. Thanks Nepal! Despite making me sick for so long, i intensely enjoyed this last try of impressing me. The mountains and nature did already. The people are very kind. The food; you cannot trust. But this last rhino stop made it extremely enjoyable. I am happy. Happy to have seen this and also..happy to go home (and get better :) ).
Soon..hola my lovely bonita :) Do you know what i have seen in Nepal?

Some interesting writings about Nepal.
Mountain Man Trekkers Fuel
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This product is scientificaly formulated by a sports nutritionist to provide maximum energy and meet your bodys nutritional needs while trekking.

And to give the buyer some reassurance:
Every Best Quality Food product is manufactured under American supervision in hygenic conditions using American technology.

Just read in the Richard Branson book, when they Launched V Festival and had Virgin Coke. On the toilet paper it said: Poopsie and Cack. A very nice joke towards Pepsi and Coke.

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